Select is an artist-run cooperative with an exhibition programme. The cooperative grows with each presentation of an artists work. A proportion of each sale is shared between the whole group.  Our next presentation is with Manuela Gernedel, June 26th - July 24th.  Our third presentation was Nicolas Ceccaldi and Georgie Nettell, Visuals, 5th December - 25th, 2020   presentation was WOULD RATHER POST THIS VIDEO THAN NO VIDEO, 7th December 2019 - January 11th 2020. On the occasion of this presentation, a limited edition poster by Louis Backhouse is available. Our first presentation was Merlin James, Untitled (Sex). 27th April - 22nd June, 2019. Lychenerstra├če 12, 10437 Berlin. Further information here. Appointments and enquiries via