Select is an artist-run cooperative with an exhibition programme. The cooperative grows with each presentation of an artists work. A proportion of each sale is shared between the whole group. Our current presentation is Dear St, Anthony, please come around: something is lost, and it cannot be found, Open by appointment through April, 2022. Our forthcoming presentation is NEXT by Louis Backhouse and Matthew Richardson in September, 2022. Our 5th presentation was Enver Hadzijaj, TARGET, 12th February - 19th March, 2022. Our fourth presentation was with Manuela Gernedel, Alice, 3rd July - 7th August, 2021. Our third presentation was Nicolas Ceccaldi and Georgie Nettell, Visuals, 5th December - 25th, 2020. Our Second presentation was WOULD RATHER POST THIS VIDEO THAN NO VIDEO, 7th December 2019 - January 11th 2020. On the occasion of this presentation, a limited edition poster by Louis Backhouse is available. Our first presentation was Merlin James, Untitled (Sex). 27th April - 22nd June, 2019. Br├╝ckenstra├če 2, 10179, Berlin. Further information here. Appointments and enquiries via